Sail & Tour

Unique experience

Make the most of your precious holiday time on Thassos and see another side of the island. There is a range of activities to whet your appetite. Why not take a boat trip around the island, there is always a choice, sailboat, motor yacht and organised group boat trips. If you charter your own boat you don’t have to confine yourself just to Thassos, a trip across to the Athos peninsular of Halkidiki which is the ancient home of several Orthodox monasteries.

Exotic Beaches

Explore the island

Thassos is littered with dozens of amazing beaches and hidden coves all over the island, renowned for their crystal clear waters. Every visitor will find a beach of his liking to relax & enjoy, whether it is a sandy or a pebble one.

The beauty of the island is undisputed and is considered one of the most diverse and beautiful islands on the Aegean sea.

Archaeological Sights & Museums

Historical sights

Take your time to visit anything from Thassos’ ancient theatre, odeon, agora, or port to religious sites from the ancient times like sanctuaries of Poseidon and Dionysus. At the Archaeological Museum of Thassos you can see unique sculpture, ceramics, miniature sculpture and coin collections dating from the 7th century BC until the 7th century AD.